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Bandung Sex Tour Info (Update)

Bandung Sex Tour Info (Update)
Info updated for the city of Bandung
Therapeutic Massage Plus:
1.ValentineSudirman, near the intersection Jatmika, room rates: 75, recommenda select AAJ diakuariumnya directly, HJ: 50s, BJ: 100an, FJ: negotiable, min 150, even for free (speak2)
2.Be ONE,Jl.Sukarno Hatta, near the terminal leuwipanjang, room rate: 75 (promo)recommenda: dea, yuli, HJ, BJ & FJ (ditto)
3.OZONE,Jl.Abdurrahman Saleh, near the intersection of Bank BNP, rate room: 110recommenda: cindy, widya, tia, diana, HJ, BJ & FJ (ditto)
4.SPA THERAPY (JIMBARAN)Jl.OTISTA, tip, near the cemetery's newer markets, the room rate: 70recommenda: Yanti, Jenny, Megan, Anis HJ, BJ, FJ (ditto)
5.PP JARIMA,Jl.Dalem people, close to restaurants Queen, rate: 70recommenda: select aj lgsg in the tank, HJ, BJ, FJ (ditto)
6.PP ALOHA (Not recommended, most STW)Jl.OTISTA, near the new market, the rate: 175 (PITSU, Massage can use milk, all in + +recommenda: no tank
7.PP Prameswari,JL. Astana Anyar, near cibadak, rate: 70recommenda: no tank, HJ, BJ, FJ (ditto no.1)
8.PP IMAGE,Neighbors Prameswari (ditto), rate: 200 (all in)recommenda: no tank,
9.PP Aquatic,ABG Building, Jl.Pelajar fighters, the PISET MALL, rate: 75recommenda: Sarah, Louise, Vina, Gita, Imsye, HJ, BJ, FJ (ditto)
10.PP Jasmine,Jl.Setiabudi, next Setiabudi, rate: 50recommenda: select aj photo lgsg, HJ: BJ: FL (ditto)
My 11.PP PalaceJl.Banceuy, building former Sun Banceuy Lt 4, rates: min rooms ranging from 150 (all in + +)recommenda: binun .. almost everything
12.Cibadak Spa,Jl.Cibadak, near Budi Agung motor, rates: 50, recommenda: mega, or select lgsg aj dr photos, rates HJ, BJ, FJ (ditto)
16.Bandung Sauna (not recommended, most STW)Neighbors Cibadak Spa (all ditto)
17.The DELTA,Sand didlm Kaliki Hypersquare, package rates: from 150rb (not including + +), + + hrs didlm nego.
18.The COZY,didlm Setrasari Mall complex, the rate (the same like in the Delta)
19. The OctopusNext to Hotel Horizon, rate: 160 rb standard room, 225 rb VIP Room, 275 Suit RoomMentor can only HJ, SSI good if you can take them out
20. IDOLAJl. Setiabudhi, entered the alley across from the house sausage, tariff 50 (negotiable if willing + +)
21. NEW CASTLEJl. Surya Sumantri, deket Maranatha, fare? (Blon tried it, sorry ye ..)
Sex Secret Places:
1.Saritem,Jl.Saritem, 2nd alley, the rate: min starting from room loh 100rb tmsk blm, wrote his own recommenda select aquarium passes. Rooms: from 25 rb
2.Jl. Pasteur 27A, 100 & 186 (night)Tips: Stop by ksana, yet relaxed aj .. jgn celingak celinguk booking rates: min 150/jam
3.Jl.BahureksaPrev to Jonas, in the evening there is an ambulance car, booking rates: min 150rb/jam
4.Jl.Braga, alkateri, abc, the palace, Otista, jl.dekat stationByk night, min starting from 100rb (take out)
5.Klo ga one Royen Jl.Dr.Room No.5 (near the hotel empire, g must not forget jlnnya name, klo afternoon the house was using that place of seafood, there is prostitution klo night)
5.Arden Pub & Karaokequote: min 150rb / 3 hours, there are tank
6.CITRA,Jl.Cibadak (who before the market malemnya), no tank, rates start from 150/jam
7.Jl.Budi Luhur (Setiabudi area, forget the number, this child prostitution tmpt high school & college student)
8.Jl.Babakan Orange (kos2an near Maranatha, forget the number, prostitution coed)
9.Jl.Dursasana (BLK area near Sand Kaliki CPC)
KARAOKE FAVORITE clubbing & Places:
1.AMAREJl.Sumatera, intersection jl.veteran, Open Bottle dsini cheapest in Bdg, 550rb before 0:00 pm (2 Black lable) free entry org klo dah know dalemnyaCommunity: abg menangah upwards Bdg, music: techno, r & B
2.AMNESIAPaskal Hyper Square Building, Community: abg middle-ups, the majority sekeals over Amare, OB: from 475rb an / a Smirnoff bottle
3.Studio East & TropicanaJl.Cihamplas, premiere plaza, techno, r & B. Live music
4.FAME STATION.Jl.Sersan Bajuri, plumbing terminal coolness, r & b & livemusic
5.PLANET 2010 & Paramount KARAOKEHere there are certain days STRIP .....Sudirman, here the most easy to cewknya, krn female visitors majority of workers karaoke, massage parlors, bispak2, but Open bottlenya most expensive in Bdg (350 cm dpt a pitcher illusion), Paramount karaoke cewe2nya PATENTS!
6.SIRKUITTeak substation, across Saritem, (same atmosphere like planet 2010)
7.CAESARS PALACEJl.Braga, perempatannya to jl.tamblong (same atmosphere like Planet 2010)
10.ROPPONGI THEN (BEST IN KARAOKE Places BDG)Cewek2nya high class, in Jl.DAGO, KS RB building, near the cafe Olala,Sign In its place 200 rb, rb hourly booking LC 70 (min 3 hours)
11.B CLUB PUB ​​& KARAOKERegional Kosambi,
12.EDEN CLUB,Jl.Sunda, okay ..., according to the info there ...... strip
13.ARDEN PUB & KARAOKEJl.Sukajadi (near Setiabudi) here TG2 klo byk om2 n saturday nights & week, and info: there are strip .............
14. EMBASSYWalk in Cihampelas (Ciwalk)
15. BE ONE KARAOKESoekarno Hatta, if Malem week, its LC cuman pake Lingerie
16. sphinx (Hotel Cemerlang)Sand Kaliki,Posted by ivan at 21:10 2 commentsPUB info cancun
AlohaJl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 15, Bandung

GracefulJl. Jend. Sudirman No. 283, Bandung

ArdenJl. Sukajadi No. 228, Bandung

Fame StationJl. No Bajuri Sgt. 100, Bandung

Hyatt RegencyJl. No Sumatra. 51, Bandung

KilalaJl. Cibadak, Bandung

KintamaniJl. Lombok No.45, Bandung

ManhattanJl. Braga No. 107, Bandung

New PrimeJl. General Sudirman No. 549, Bandung

North SeaJl. Braga No. 82, Bandung

Sob Fun PubJl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 390 - Sheraton Hotel, Bandung

The CityJl LL.RE. Martadinata No. 26, Bandung

The Island MusicJl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 14, BandungTropicanaJl. Cihampelas No. 127, Bandung

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